Mexican Legends: La Mujer Herrada (The Shod Woman)

Porupo's week of terror opens with the legend "La mujer herrada" (The Shod Woman)

The historic center of Mexico City witnessed how God punished those who dared to challenge him and corrupt his sacred beliefs, this was how the legend of the female spirit that appears with horseshoes, in the body of a black mule, began.

According to the legend, if at dawn you are in the street of República de Perú, previously called Puerta Falsa de Santo Domingo, and you hear the sound of footsteps on horseshoes behind you, it’s better don’t look and run, or if you think you are very brave you might meet Juana, a woman who was murdered in that place in the year 1600. If Juana didn't make you pee out of fear, her killer (a blacksmith) probably will and he will show you the hammer, tongs and nails he used to perpetrate his crime and the reason for the sound of horseshoes you hear behind you.

It all started when a lonely priest lived on the aforementioned street. Because of his loneliness, the man chose to look for a woman to live with (and that's when Juana joins the story), even though nobody saw his action with approval, much less his fellow man, a blacksmith who lived a few streets away and was deeply religious.            




One day, at midnight, the blacksmith heard loud knocking on his door and hurried to see who came to his workshop so late. When he opened the door, he found two men carrying a tied-up mule. They told him that the clergyman had sent them to shoe the mule as soon as possible, since he had to leave as soon as the morning began.

The blacksmith, though surprised, hurried to put the horseshoes on the mule, and once it was ready, the messengers took it away, beating it hard. The next morning he went to look for his buyer, the priest, to charge him for the work done; however, he found him still asleep.

To confirm that indeed he didn’t know about the monks and mule referred to, the priest went to look for Juana to help him clarify the situation. He found her lying on her huge bed, wrapped in a dark blanket. He repeated her name three times, but she didn’t reply. The clergyman noticed blood on the floor, so he immediately approached the body of his beloved and, taking off the blanket, discovered that Juana's hands and feet were shod, her back had whiplash wounds. It was the black mule that the monks took to the blacksmith!


This was the punishment imposed on her by Providence for her relationship with the priest. He gave her to the devil to wander through eternity with the appearance of an animal considered demonic in his times. Along with her, the blacksmith was condemned, who offered his soul as compensation for the crime.

After the blacksmith has confessed the crime to you, with your own eyes you will see Juana, be it in the form of a black mule or a female body with horseshoes on her hands and feet.


Are you ready to see Juana or hear her horseshoes behind you? 


I hope you liked the first release of this week of terror in Porupo, part of the celebration of #Halloween and #DíaDeMuertos in which I will be publishing a daily Mexican legend. #En PorupoSeRespiraElMiedo


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