Town of Tides.

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Town of Tides is a game developed by Odencat and can be installed directly from Play Store and Appstore.

The duration of the game is short but it is not an important factor considering that many 10-minute indie games can have a better history than some of several hours.

The main character is a man who decided to move to the "Town of Tides" because he was tired of his restless lifestyle in the city.

Before continuing with the story I recommend you to play it because there will be spoilers :q

The protagonist decided to move to the Town of Tides inspired by a book that is entitled just this way.

A few seconds after the beginning of the game, a character appears, a ghost girl to whom the man gives a book.

That girl was the neighbors' daughter, she used to go to the man's house to borrow books since her health condition did not allow her to go to school. Now the ghost girl usually goes to his house to pretend to pick up a book, since in her evanescent form she could not, and the man also pretends to give her the book with his hands: this custom makes the man not feel alone.

At certain moment the man closes his eyes and sees six trees, the trees of the soul, which are all withered.

Each tree represents a character, and advancing through the story the branches of the trees bloom, according to each character, and the only way to achieve the flowering is to reach the peace of the soul.

The main character will be the last one to achieve such result, starting to feel self-love, thanks to all the characters that reside in the town of the tides, except one, a woman, who at the end of the story will be by his side, so she will move with him.

At no time are the names of the characters alluded to, which could allow us to identify ourselves with the main character or with the other characters. In fact, at many moments in the story, themes are touched upon that many people probably experienced, for example the man's remorse because he didn't go to say goodbye to the girl when she was about to die.

He didn't want to go because he didn't want to see her suffering, but he lost his last chance to see her, which made him feel guilty and miserable.

I am not going to tell the whole story, although I already gave many details jijiji, because the magic of the game is to discover the story of the characters, listening to the very melancholic ost that accompany us during the game.

Play it, it's very reflexive, it's 10/10 especially for being a game for mobiles and for having a good story, it's worth it at all.


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